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I’m tall, enjoy traveling, running and the company of good friends. Lover of [square brackets]. (OK, parenthesis too, which I overuse, and {curly braces}!) Professionally I am the Director of IT for a nonprofit and do freelance higher-ed, small biz and other nonprofit tech gigs. I heart technology used for personal and societal good.

Smile Software: This is How You Helpdesk

Smile Software just released version 6 of the hugely popular PDFPen. (They also make the essential Mac/iOS app TextExpander.) Of course, I installed it the day it came out. One of the features I use most, the Library, wasn’t working … Continue reading

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A New Endeavor! Civic Hacking + Recycling

After moving into a new neighborhood right before the holidays mass confusion immediately broke out on our street. It wasn’t me. In Austin we have a sliding trash pickup schedule during holidays and recycling is only picked up every other … Continue reading

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NiUG Discovery 2012 Presentations in Philly!

Updated my IQA slides with new tips and created a new half-day session on Business Objects to present at NiUG’s 2012 Discovery Conference in Philadelphia. Check them out below and let me know if you have suggestions for improvement. If … Continue reading

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Do you REALLY need all those features?

“Most of the requirements do not contribute to the desired future state: Studies reveal that more than half of all technology features are rarely or never used.” —Jesse Fewell Great post on combating tech hype and having a fighting chance … Continue reading

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Beta Convention Symposium Presentation: Social Media

Today Beta’s Director of Social Media, Tom Martin, and I presented Social Media Today to the 173rd General Convention’s Alumni Symposium. Thanks to all who attended! We look forward to socializing with you! Here are the slides we used. Additional … Continue reading

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Unrealistic “Tech-pectations”

Some of us think we can challenge the Gods with no knowledge, little time and a shoestring budget. Why? Here’s my top five reasons. –5 Reasons Why People Underestimate Web Projects This paradox makes our job as technology managers a … Continue reading

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The Great Task of our Generation

Making systems work…is the great task of our generation as a whole. -Atul Gawande Also highly recommend reading Dr. Gawande’s book, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right.

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iMIS IQA Sessions at NiUG

Here are the slides from two sessions I lead on IQA at the NiUG Discovery 2012 Conference in Orlando, Florida today. The first set is from the morning session, the second from the afternoon. NiUG 2012 Discovery Orlando: Beginning IQA … Continue reading

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Vendors: Show me the Money

Vendors. Why do you always put pricing on the last page of the proposal? I just received a 43-page proposal earlier this week. Salesman X, I’m sure you worked very hard putting it together, but do you think I read … Continue reading

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NiUG Discovery 2011 Presentation: Advanced IQA

NiUG is the international user’s group for the iMIS association management system (AMS). Today, I presented a half-day session at the 2011 NiUG International Annual Discovery Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. My session was on Advanced IQA, a flexible reporting tool … Continue reading

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