NiUG Discovery 2012 Presentations in Philly!

Updated my IQA slides with new tips and created a new half-day session on Business Objects to present at NiUG’s 2012 Discovery Conference in Philadelphia. Check them out below and let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.

If you’re an iMIS user, make sure you’re at the next NiUG North American user conference right here in my backyard of Austin, Texas! (Congrats to the conference on its fifteenth year!)

About Kye Hittle

I’m tall, enjoy traveling, running and the company of good friends. Lover of [square brackets]. (OK, parenthesis too, which I overuse, and {curly braces}!) Professionally I am the Director of IT for a nonprofit and do freelance higher-ed, small biz and other nonprofit tech gigs. I heart technology used for personal and societal good.
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