Quick Tip: iOS’s built-in sleep timer

Many of my favorite streaming iOS apps like Pandora and Instacast use (or can optionally use, in the case of Instacast) the built-in iPod controls. This is great because it let’s you take advantage of an out-of-the-way Timer feature in the Clock app: When Timer Ends, Sleep iPod. This works with Pandora and Instacast, not just your on-device music! I use this feature every night to go to sleep to podcasts and Pandora (hint: the Spa Radio channel is great for sleeping!).

One of my other favorite streaming apps is TuneIn Radio which lets you listen to (and pause/record) just about any radio station (50,000 according to their site). This tip doesn’t work with TuneIn as it does not use the built-in iPod controls, however it has its own built-in sleep timer.

Another bonus of using built-in iPod controls: you can take advantage of AirPlay if the app doesn’t support it natively (e.g. Instacast).

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