Most of us don’t like writing about ourselves, but what’s a blog without an “About” page?

In keeping with the downhome style that seems to be emerging here I considering naming it something like “Who in the…” However logic rushed in to save the day and I elected for plain ‘ol “About.” Convention over clever. Isn’t that what you rails folks always say? Or something like that. Readers expect to be able to visit a blog and find an “About” or “About Me” link, probably near the top. It allows you to quickly find out just who you’re dealing with. There’s a time to be creative and a time to consider user needs.

So, I hope you’ll head over to the About page and learn a little more about your safari guide.

Tomorrow I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to travel back to Ohio where our organization is headquartered (I work remotely). Each month or so I spend a few days there. I love our staff culture. We really value regular face-to-face despite the fact our staff is usually travelling or stationed remotely. We will also welcome seven new staff members which is always exciting.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

About Kye Hittle

I’m tall, enjoy traveling, running and the company of good friends. Lover of [square brackets]. (OK, parenthesis too, which I overuse, and {curly braces}!) Professionally I am the Director of IT for a nonprofit and do freelance higher-ed, small biz and other nonprofit tech gigs. I heart technology used for personal and societal good.
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