User Guide: Tracking shipments with PackageTrackr

Are you buried in tracking codes? PackageTrackr can help

As I mentioned yesterday, its staff orientation time for us. Besides learning about User Tech Principles, another of our IT Orientation objectives is to introduce users to the universe of web apps that can help them navigate today’s digital world. I plan to share our list on this blog as it evolves with the web.

Earlier this year I came across the free shipment tracking service PackageTrackr and immediately knew I wanted to add it our list of recommended web apps to share with staff. This service allows you to store all of your tracking shipments in one web-accesible spot with cool features like maps, email forward (to submit new tracking numbers) and RSS/iCal feeds (for tracking arrival dates).

In my experience, giving staff a list of links isn’t enough to encourage use of these fantastic services. Instead show them the problem it solves and how to get started. A clear list of numbered action steps dramatically increases the chances users will sign up and use the service. When you don’t require users to “figure it out” you decrease much of the initial resistance most of us have when trying something new.

User guides are a great way to accomplish this task. Here’s the guide I just created for PackageTrackr.

Our PackageTrackr User Guide (v1.0) is available in two versions:

Please let me know if you see any errors or things that could be more clear by dropping a comment below. Are there other services out there like PackageTrackr? What are other web apps do you recommend to users?

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