Central Texas Atlassian User Group (CTXAUG)

Central Texas Atlassian User Group!

I recently (as in last week) became co-organizer of Austin’s new Atlassian User Group (abbreviated CTXAUG for “Central Texas”)!

Atlassian makes great enterprise wiki (Confluence) and ticket/project tracking (Jira) software along with a few other applications. I’ve always been surprised by the passion of Atlassian users – that kind of thing is normally reserved for Apple fans. I am only getting started with Confluence in our environment, but its already apparent why they are so devoted. And the best part? Many nonprofits qualify for free Atlassian licenses – a tremendous deal!

So, if you’re already a dedicated Atlassian or want to check out the buzz by visiting with real users (highly recommended before committing to any platform), RSVP for our next meetup (July 20, 6-8pm). Also make sure and Like our facebook group so you receive notifications of all events and can participate in our online conversations.

Not only am I new to the Atlassian world, but this is the first user group I’ve helped organize. Thanks in advance to everyone for their guidance and support on this new adventure! It’s going to be fun!

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I’m tall, enjoy traveling, running and the company of good friends. Lover of [square brackets]. (OK, parenthesis too, which I overuse, and {curly braces}!) Professionally I am the Director of IT for a nonprofit and do freelance higher-ed, small biz and other nonprofit tech gigs. I heart technology used for personal and societal good.
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