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I like to do drawings (Digital drawing)

I wonder if the use of simple sketches has decreased since the proliferation of the personal computer. We all know that drawings are great tools for problem solving, creativity and communication. If you’d like some references, see anything by Dan … Continue reading

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Why do users avoid helpdesk ticket systems?

I often wonder why people avoid using ticket systems like they avoid anchovies. Despite IT policy, pleas and great ticket response times users will always prefer to call or send email directly to an IT staffer instead of submit a … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: iOS’s built-in sleep timer

Many of my favorite streaming iOS apps like Pandora and Instacast use (or can optionally use, in the case of Instacast) the built-in iPod controls. This is great because it let’s you take advantage of an out-of-the-way Timer feature in the … Continue reading

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IBM’s 100 x 100 Video

A mention of IBM today reminded me to share their incredible 100×100 video which celebrates the company’s centennial and provides a sweeping, inspirational look at IT and the impact its had on us, the humans.

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Information Security Policy

Following our IT Orientation sessions last week we determined that it was a good time to review our information security policy for any required updates and to make sure that staff understand and comply. Ideally, our policy should be comprehensive … Continue reading

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Refresh Austin: Selling boogers as art

Tonight I attended my second Refresh Austin meetup. According the group’s website: Refresh Austin is an organization of Web professionals working together to foster new ideas and refresh the creative, technical and professional aspects of their trade. Sara Summers a … Continue reading

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AT&T Wireless isn’t all bad

AT&T is constantly dinged for its network. If you are in a really large U.S. city or out in “the middle of nowhere” you’re probably going to have to rely on txt messages more than you should. Data and voice … Continue reading

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Vendor selection: the most crucial IT competency?

Note: I’ve been in Ohio during an intense three days of on-boarding staff and beginning-of-fiscal-year meetings. So I missed a few days of postings. Hope to return to a more regular schedule! My experiences in IT have shown over and over that … Continue reading

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Most of us don’t like writing about ourselves, but what’s a blog without an “About” page? In keeping with the downhome style that seems to be emerging here I considering naming it something like “Who in the…” However logic rushed … Continue reading

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Gear: Cans, Man (Headphones)

Ah, gear and gadgets. Possibly my favorite topic. Combine that with music…mmm. I spend a lot of time with some form-factor of headphones on/in my ears. I like music and being “close” enough to hear as many details as my … Continue reading

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